2 Week Clean Eating Cleanse

The ASF 2 Week, Clean Eating Cleanse has been designed to re-boot your system, improve your nutrition habits and help you to improve your health and fitness while detoxifying your body. Simply follow the instructions below, change your eating habits over the course of 2 weeks and watch your body changes- every single day! 

The Clean Eating Cleanse is a great way to kick-start your body into a healthy routine. Whether you’re wanting to lose weight, take a “whole foods only” approach, introduce more organic food into your diet, or improve bloat and gut health- the 2 Week Clean Eating Cleanse is the perfect place to start. It very gently guides you through a whole, natural nutrition plan that allows your body to adapt to a new and healthy way of eating. This two-week cleanse has been designed to give you more energy, better mental clarity, more restful sleep, fewer cravings, clearer skin, less bloat and better digestion. Best of all, you’re guaranteed a drastic improvement in your eating habits which leads to weight loss throughout the duration of the cleanse. The cleanse period lasts for 2 weeks, but don’t worry, you can continue eating “clean” for as long as you want.

Follow the directions below starting on week 1-day 1 (a Monday). You will be guided through two weeks of clean eating to cleanse and purify your body of toxins, chemicals, free radicals and processed foods. Cleanse your system from the inside out. Choose a fresh, wholesome approach to fuel your day!


This cleanse is NOT a physician or dietitian guided diet. If you have disordered eating or are on any medications whose symptoms may be altered by your food intake, this cleanse may not be for you.  If you are currently on a restrictive diet, have food sensitivities or intolerances, this cleanse may not be for you.  ALWAYS check with your physician before starting any nutrition or exercise program.

This cleanse IS a whole-food cleanse. Do not expect to consume any processed food, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, sugars or trans fats. Only clean, whole, good-for-you food. YUM!

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