Nutrition Coaching

What is Nutrition Coaching?

How many meals are you eating every day? How many fruits and veggies servings are you getting in? Do you know how much fat you’re supposed to be eating in a day? No? That’s okay! ASF is here to help.

Instead of endless measuring and weighing, ASF has put together a system of easy to follow guideline that will help you learn to eat better, without the stress! You are taught simple, easy to follow tricks that will help you to reach your health and fitness goals quickly.

What can I expect with nutrition coaching?

Just like fitness coaching, nutrition coaching begins with a scheduled initial consultation. Once we have covered your health and nutrition history, we move on to goal setting. Motivation is also a huge component to any new fitness or nutrition coaching program.  We will get your initial weight and measurements and start by setting attainable, short-term goals for you to get started on immediately! 

Some clients desire a “set-in-stone” plan to follow. If this is your choice- great. If you’re needing more freedom with guidance and options, this is possible too! Need a pantry makeover? This can also be our first step. Whether you need minor tweaking or a nutrition overhaul, ASF can make it easy.

Once you’ve gotten your plan, Abbey will check in with you weekly (either text or email) and set up monthly (once every 4-6 weeks) appointments to meet and continue consulting and working through your progress. During these monthly appointments, we will weigh and measure (if you choose), discuss progress (problems, areas of improvement, successes), go over new information and cover nutrition education.

Not local? That’s okay! Nutrition coaching can be done with distance clients, too!

Many clients also ask about vitamin and supplement use. While supplements are popular, they are simply not needed for every client. ASF does recommend certain vitamins and supplements to certain clients with specific nutrition profiles. Again, every client requires something different.

Fitness Coaching : $50/hour

This fee includes consult and preparation time (NOT texting and email time). Clients are billed via PayPal upon delivery of program.

Want even greater success?

Pair nutrition coaching with fitness coaching or one-on-one training for a COMPLETE and personalized program that includes both fitness and nutrition.  Click the “fitness coaching” or “personal training” tab above for more information.