You never know what you can learn while you’re watching morning talk shows. Trying to steer clear of political talk and poll results, I tuned into Rachael Ray this morning. As I was talking and emailed with clients, I perked when I saw “organize and de-clutter your refrigerator”.   I re-wound the segment and ended up learning a lot.

“Is Your Fridge Making You Fat” was extremely informative and has motivated me to re-organize and de-clutter my fridge. Maybe you’ll be motivated too??

Here are the notes I took from the show. Hopefully a few of these ideas will help you better organize your meals or clean out your messy fridge. Or hey, maybe you will finally throw out that bottle of something that you know you will never use…

Tips for organizing and preserving your food:

1. Put your food away ready to cook. Freshly cleaned and chopped fruits and veggies look more appealing when putting your meals together. Prep your foods right when you get home from the store.

2. Store your foods in clear plastic containers. Place your clean-cut foods directly into the containers and seal with a lid. This keeps them fresh.

3. Label the front of your containers.

Your Fridge should have 4 zones:

Zone 1: Snacks
Pre-portion your snacks into baggies and put into the “Snack” container. Put chopped fruits, veggies, and other snack foods right into the container for easy access. This way, there is always a healthy snack at an arms reach.

Zone 2: Meals

1. Proteins: put your meats on a tray on the lowest shelf of the fridge. Your eggs belong on the middle shelf.

2. Veggies: Put away clean and washed veggies directly into one container. Put pre-portioned fruits and veggies into baggies. This container should be placed on the top shelf of the fridge.

3. Fats: Place your healthy fats into the next container. This is reserved for     nuts, seeds, avocados, nut butters, etc. Again, use baggies to separate your foods. (You can even write portions sizes on the front of your baggies so you know just how much to use!) These belong on the middle shelf.

4. Leftovers: Place leftovers into pre-portioned Tupperware for easy access and easy lunchbox packing in the next days.


Zone 3: Beverages

Use a large, clear pitcher for water in the fridge. Add chopped lemons and limes for flavor. You can even add flavored carbonated water for more of a “soda” taste.

Zone 4: Condiments

Condiments belong on the side shelves. Place healthy condiments at eye level, and unhealthy condiments on lower levels. This encourages you to make healthy decisions with ease!

I’m picturing a clutter free, clean, and organized fridge in your future!

Watch the segment! Rachael Ray “Is Your Fridge Making You Fat?”