Summer is right around the corner! Are you ready for shorts, tank tops and warm weather? This is the perfect time of the year to give your boring gym routine the boost it needs! Get started NOW on a 6 week Total Body plan that will get you bikini ready in just two short months!

This comprehensive plan is sent directly to you with detailed workouts and a nutrition plan that is guaranteed to deliver maximum results in 6 weeks! Perfect timing for warm weather. You have a specific set of workouts for every week. Starting at 2 workouts per week and increasing over the 6 week time frame. Complete a new and challenging workout EVERY week and see your body change as you get stronger and leaner. Even better, the workouts can be done both at home or in the gym. Explanations and pictures included for every exercise, and to top it off, they are ALL 30 minute or less!

The cardio workouts are written individually for every week. These challenging workouts will completely change the way you think about cardio. Levels, times, programs and intensity levels are ALL included with the plan. Start with 2 cardio workouts per week and increase to 3-4. Short on time? No problem! Each workout is 30 minutes or less. Get on with your busy day without spending too much time in the gym.

Lastly, the nutrition plan is included and will keep you full, satisfied and energized all day long. Eat healthy and feel great! Most importantly, lose weight and learn how to maintain healthy eating habits over the course of the 6 weeks. Start your 1st week following the nutrition plan. Then, each week adjust the plan to fit your needs using the specified guidelines. Follow these guidelines each week to create a more customized plan for you. In addition, you also receive the ASF “Lean Eating Recipes”. Use the recipes to put together healthy, delicious meals that you will love!

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