Summer is off to a bang here at ASF! Here’s a snippet of my leg workout this morning. Try it out!

30min. Interval Workout- HR 160-180BPM
Squats x20 @45lb. (Warm-Up)

1. Squats (past parallel) 
x10 @115lb./x8 @135lb./ x6 @145lb./ x6 @145lb.
2. RDL with Straight Bar x12 @ 50lb.
3. Pop Squats on Step-Bench (Butt touches bench at the bottom) 3 Risers High (x10)
4. Jumping Lunges w/ Front Foot on Bench x10

**4 Sets- Increasing weight on Squat with each set. Supersetting Pop Squats and Jump Lunges with :30sec. Rest between sets.

If you’re not sweating you’re not working hard enough! Make your gym time count. Keep track of rest periods and intensity. Good luck!