My little man is 4 months old! Where has the time gone?

I LOVE putting together workouts for my online clients. In addition to finding fun ways to work my clients out, I love finding different ways to work out on my own. So, my current mission is to be in BETTER shape than I was before I was pregnant.  It has been so important to me to find ways to incorporate the boys into my workouts, and to complete challenging workouts that don’t require any equipment.

Okay I lied, most of my workouts have required at least one piece of equipment. My first purchase after Camden was born was a double jogging stroller. It has been a lifesaver and has gotten many miles so far, and many more to come! The boys have really enjoyed it, and I have found a very, very small (but growing) love for running. Pushing two boys isn’t easy, but it’s totally worth it when I can see the progress I’ve made.

So, each week I’m going to share my workouts with you. Some are outside, some are inside and some are done in the gym (with Camden nice and comfy in my front pack!). In addition to weekly sharing my workouts, each week I’m going to share a new, clean, yummy recipe that is guaranteed to be husband and kid friendly! It has to taste good if you’re going to eat it, right?

Excited to share…stay tuned for more!


My workout buddies! Loving my stroller– (Schwinn Turismo- ordered on Amazon!)


Aiden helping me prepare some yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.