About Abbey


I have an Exercise Science degree from the University of Kansas. Rock Chalk!  I am a certified personal trainer through ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). I have been personal training for 10 years and am confident in saying- fitness and nutrition is my passion and I am driven to help others find their love for it too!

As a busy mama with a family to feed every day, I am very aware of how proper nutrition can stimulate and nourish your body. Exercise nutrition, general health and weight loss are my areas of expertise. I am certified through Precision Nutrition as an Exercise Nutrition Coach. I love to help others reach their highest potential using integrative nutrition strategies and concepts. Health and fitness is so much more than working out. The food and nutrients you put into your body are just as important!

My “ideal” client is someone looking to be healthy, fit, and happy in their own skin. I don’t believe in fad diets or the latest trend. Good nutrition and fitness are a lifestyle that you must work hard at maintaining. Teaching my clients how to attain that is my passion and my job. Working one on one with clients working out or discussing nutrition is extremely rewarding- I love what I do!

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My husband and I have lived in Hutchinson, KS since 2012. We were born and
raised in McPherson, Kansas then went to college at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. Once we were done with school and married, we moved to Kansas City. After 3 years in KC, a change in job and a change of heart brought us closer to home. On top of that we were expecting our first child, so it was time to settle down! So we packed up and moved to Hutchinson in June of 2012. We left great friends and a great city but we absolutely love it here. We’re closer to our family and closer to home. We couldn’t be happier.

My husband, Dale, is a financial adviser and partner at Prairie Hills Financial Group. We still like to think of ourselves as high school sweethearts and have been “together” since age 15. He loves the Lord, he’s hardworking, handsome and a great leader for our family. I love him more every day!

We have two children, Aiden (4.5) and Camden (2.5). Aiden is our strong-willed, brave and passionate child. He loves deep and he can’t tell a lie. Hes smart and charming.  Camden is our snugly, lovable mama’s boy. He has so much love and empathy and wants to fill the room with giggles, hugs and kisses. My two boys are so special and so very loved. I am lucky and oh-so blessed!

-Abbey Snell

B.Sc., ASCM-CPT, Pn1

2 thoughts on “About Abbey”

  1. Sharon Wehry said:

    Abbey, I am interested in consulting you for a fitness / nutrition program, and would like to set up an appointment to get started.

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