Client Testimonials

Katie S.

After being an avid runner for nearly 20 years, I was suddenly sidelined with major hip and posterior pelvic pain while pregnant with my second son. The discomfort not only stopped me from running, but caused nearly constant discomfort and pain when walking, standing or sitting.

I began working with a local chiropractor and consulting with Abbey for additional recovery support. After only a few weeks of her recommended strengthening exercises, stretches and diligent foam rolling, I was again back to my old self and free to move as I like.

Abbey’s understanding of different muscle groups, existing strengths and weaknesses from my years of running and simple exercises appropriate for all stages of pregnancy got me back on track and back into my old workout routine.

I would highly recommend her services for all expectant mothers wanting to remain active during their pregnancy and anyone recovering from an accident or injury.

Corine P.

I have been working with Abbey since January 2009. Prior to working with her I had lost all of my Freshman 15 (or 30). I wanted to lose a few more pounds, but was stuck. She created a workout routine for me to follow (strength routine and 5 cardio options) and also trained me 1x a week.  That was exactly what I needed to get to the next level. Within 4 months of working with Abbey my body fat dropped from 28% to 17%.  Abbey trained me for a year before I moved out of town.

Since moving, I have been working with Abbey using the Online Training Program.  We use weekly phone check-ins to hold me accountable for my strength training, cardio and nutrition. I receive new strength and cardio programs once a month.  Since working with Abbey I have been able to drop my body fat to 14%. I am easily able maintain these results, even with my hectic work schedule, travel, and holidays with my family.

Working with Abbey is great; she does all of the work for me. I just take my workouts to the gym and get it done.  The online training program has helped me a lot, because I am not trying to think about what I want to do. I have much more effective workouts while at the gym and see greater results. Abbey listens to what I need in my workouts (goals, time constraints, travel etc.).  In addition to the awesome workouts, Abbey has taught me how to eat the right foods for my body and how to make healthy nutritional choices.  I thought I was eating healthy prior to working with here, but I quickly learned was that I was not fueling my body as well as I could be.

I will continue to work with Abbey until I can no longer pick up a dumbbell or step on an elliptical.  I love how she can take each workout and challenge me in a whole new way.  She has taken the time to really get to know me, my abilities, likes and dislikes. -Corine

Marilyn S.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Abbey for about 3 years now. I started off participating in her summer Bootcamp style workout at a local gym. I loved the workouts so much, I started doing small group instruction with her. It was during these sessions that I really got to experience all the qualities that make Abbey such an outstanding trainer. She created a very warm and supportive atmosphere for our small group. It felt like she was our coach and we were her team. Abbey worked with us as a group but also helped us develop and work towards individual goals. She was very responsive to our individual needs and did her best to accommodate our needs during group.

I thoroughly enjoyed small group with her, so much so, that when it came time to decide if I wanted to continue working out with her when she moved on to a different training studio, it was a ‘no-brainer’. It was a 35 minute drive but Abbey made it worth it. She was even more impressive during these 1:1 sessions. I had sustained a few injuries from unrelated things and she modified my workouts and was mindful of these injuries so that I didn’t exacerbate them but also didn’t fall off my workout routine. In addition to our workouts focused on cardio and strength-training, she helped me work on my nutrition and even gave me meal plans to make things easier for me. This was such a HUGE help to me. As a busy graduate student, I eat out often and Abbey really listened to my concerns about time and cooking and she came up with these relatively easy and simple menus to follow.

Working out with Abbey, never felt like “working out.” It was fun and I enjoyed my time with her immensely. I was also very successful with her and lost 30 lbs and managed to maintain my weight for a long period- a very big deal for someone whose weight seems to fluctuate widely.

Now, I participate in her online personal training program and I still get to check in with my favorite trainer by phone and email every week. With her online program, she really takes my individual needs into account and crafts a program that is doable for me. For example, I’ll be traveling a lot in the next month and Abbey has created a program that I can follow while on the road. She’s even highlighted healthy menu options as I will be eating out pretty regularly during my traveling! She really strives to do what will work for her clients and I can’t thank her enough for the special attention I feel I get with these programs.

I am looking forward to what she has in store for me in future months with her individualized programs and I’m excited that I can basically take her with me anywhere I go. I’ll be moving soon and it’s awesome to know that I can keep training with her, even from a greater distance.

I can’t say enough great things about Abbey as a person and as a trainer. She really has changed by perspective on health overall and my attitude towards exercise and physical activity. I would 100% recommend her to friends, family, anyone… she’s that great!

Chelsea S.

I started training with Abbey in February 2011.  She trained me one on one two days a week and gave me workouts to do on my own the other days.  I am currently training with Abbey using the Online Training Program could not be happier.

I have always enjoyed working out.  I love to run.  Before starting to train with Abbey, all I did was run.  I thought as long as I was running 5-6 miles 4 times a week I was doing good and staying in shape.  Well, with all of this cardio, I wasn’t seeing my body change at all.  I didn’t know what was wrong.  I was working out and running all the time but nothing was happening.  I wasn’t gaining weight but I definitely wasn’t losing any.  I also wasn’t seeing any definition or change in my abs or my legs- and for sure not my arms.  I wanted my belly fat to go away and my booty to look better, so I called up Abbey.

I have known Abbey since she was about 7 years old.  I have been good friends with Abbey and her family for many, many years.  She has always been like my little sister so I called her to help me out and start training me. I wanted to start training to be the best version of myself… and that is EXACTLY what I  have done.

Since training with Abbey, I have found the confidence in myself and my body that I have always been looking for.  As a woman, I have always been self conscious of my body.  Abbey has helped me overcome that self conscious feeling and learn to love and treat my body well.  I feel great and try to continue to be better each day.  Abbey not only coaches me on cardio and strength training, she also helps me with my nutrition.  I never knew I ate so poorly!!  I thought I always ate super healthy.  Wrong again!  I was eating the wrong things at the wrong times and actually I wasn’t eating enough. That’s so crazy for me to think!  Food has always seemed like the enemy to me because I didn’t know how to use it as fuel for my body.  I have FINALLY learned after a long time how to enjoy food and eat the right portions for my body.  Trust me, even though Abbey gave me a nutrition guide, it was still very hard to change my habits and get my body adjusted to this new way of eating.  It took us some time to find the right balance of different foods that was best for my body.  Everyone is different.  Doing what Abbey said and following her specific plan for my body helped me to lose a total of 10 pounds in 22 months.  That may not seem like a lot but I am short and didn’t have a ton of weight to lose. 10-12 pounds was more than I thought possible! It’s hard to lose weight.  If it was easy everybody would be a skinny size 2.  Each time I would lose a pound or two I was definitely excited. I can maintain my weight, and don’t fluctuate up or down much through the week.  The last 3-4 pounds were the hardest to lose. It took a long time, but Abbey has helped me lose weight and gain muscle the right way. I am not worried about gaining it back.

I have opened up to a whole new way of working out.  My workouts include plyometrics, sprints, weights, and interval training. I would have never known how to do these different styles of working out if I hadn’t gone to Abbey.

I am getting married next July and can’t wait to start my programs from Abbey next year in preparation for getting my body into “wedding shape”.  Training with Abbey has been the best thing I have ever done for myself and the best money I have ever spent.  When you are happy with yourself it makes you happier with everyone and everything else in your life.  If you haven’t started training with Abbey you are missing out!! -Chelsea

Lindsey V.

My name is Lindsey, I am 29 years old.  I live 3 1/2 hours away from Abbey, so I have been working working with her Online Training Program for the past three months.  I have nothing but positive things to say about her services!  Before I started with Abbey, I was a regular at the gym, but just wanted to see changes in my body and some changes in my workout routines.  Abbey calls me every week to check on the progress I have made and answer any questions or concerns I have about the workouts and nutrition.  Each week Abbey tailors my workouts to get the results that I am wanting.

When I started my training with Abbey, I was not looking to lose much weight.  I wanted to see my body tone up, get in better shape and maybe lose 5 pounds in the process.  As a result of Abbey’s training, I have lost 4 pounds consistently and have seen my body tone up and trim up in the places I was concerned about.  Abbey’s workouts will push you to make yourself better and with her weekly check-ins, she provides the positive assurance and motivation to keep you moving forward.

Abbey is very attentive to your needs and concerns.  She will tailor your workouts to your every need and schedule weekly check-ins on your schedule.  She has a lot of great recipe ideas and different workout routines to keep any monotony you may have out of your daily routines.   My favorite part about training with Abbey is that each week there is a new goal I have to reach and I love that each of my workouts involve different machines, moves, and lifts to make sure that I don’t get bored at the gym. 

I would highly recommend Abbey Snell to be your personal trainer.  Her enthusiasm and passion for making people feel good about themselves is infectious!  She will encourage you through those hard times and help you see results. -Lindsey

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