Fitness Coaching

What Is Fitness Coaching?

Fitness coaching is a new concept to ASF.  What used to be considered “online training” has now evolved into “Fitness Coaching”. Why? Through the previous years of online training, I have found that the more equipped my clients are, the better their progress and the longer they are committed to their programs. More commitment= More success. Simple!

Online training worked great for some, but others found the system hard since they were not able to see me as often as they would have liked. Long story short- the more I can see and interact with my clients- the better I can help you reach your goals.  Fitness coaching is a great new tool that ANY client can utilize. It gives new or existing clients the opportunity to sit and fully discuss their exercise programs. This includes a thorough discussion of goals, weight and body fat measurements, planning, exercise scheduling and troubleshooting. Best of all, clients can easily receive a written fitness program designed just for them that can compliment any new or current workout routine. For example- if you are a private personal training client and feel you need more guidance with the workouts you’re doing on your own, this coaching tool would give you the workouts you need to improve in those areas.

So, what can I expect when I choose ASF Fitness Coaching?

Fitness coaching is easy. It’s components are broken down into different categories for better understanding and better success. First, the initial consultation will cover your primary information, goal setting, initial measurements and general information overview. Next, (if applicable), your comprehensive, personalized fitness plan will be put together for you and delivered to you via PDF.  Following program delivery, bi-weekly appointments will be set. During these appointments (30 minutes-1 hour), we will re-weight and re-measure, discuss your progress and work on troubleshooting . Also, a very critical aspect of Fitness coaching  will be nutrition education.

With each fitness coaching program you will receive-

  1. Weekly Strength Training Workouts (3-6)
  2. Weekly Cardio Workouts (3-6)
  3. Suggested/Target Heart Rate Guide
  4. Weekly Workout Schedule
  5. Weekly Email or Text Progress Checks
  6. Bi-Weekly Or Monthly Check-Ins
  7. Monthly body fat measurements

What if I am not local? Can I still be a client? 

Yes! Absolutely. The delivery, progress checks and coaching are the same. The appointments and measuring are a little different.

Instead of a face-to-face initial consultation, we set up a phone call to go over all of the details of your coaching plan. At this time, we discuss your goals, health and exercise history and your current routine.  You will also be given instruction on how to self measure, weigh and take progress photos (all optional). This information is sent to Abbey upon request (usually monthly).

After the initial consultation, your plan will be delivered to you via email. All weekly progress checks are done over email or text. Once a month, a phone call will be set up to go over, in detail, what is working and what is not. These are very important! The more information we can discuss, the better your programs will be suited for you.

As with all coaching programs, 4-6 weeks is usually a standard time frame for your plan. Once that time is up, we’ll discuss new goals, and a new plan is started!

Fitness Coaching : $50/hour

This fee includes consult and preparation time (NOT texting and email time). Clients are billed via PayPal upon delivery of program.

Want even greater success?

Pair fitness coaching with nutrition coaching for a COMPLETE and personalized program that includes BOTH fitness and nutrition. Want more information on nutrition coaching? Click the “nutrition coaching” tab above!

Ready to get started? Go to the “Get Started Now” tab and fill out the New Client Information Sheet and Liability Waiver.

Abbey will contact your once these have been submitted.

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